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Those Pesky SfTS Link Types and the TFS Integration Platform

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Recently I was performing an TFS to TFS Work Item Migration in which the source Team Project had been originally created with version 2.x of Scrum for Team System on TFS 2008 then upgraded to TFS 2010. Not long after moving to the Team Project to TFS 2010 (or at the time of moving it) it was effectively stripped of the reliance on Scrum for Team System in that the TFS 2010 environment didn’t have a version installed and all the work items moved to use of the TFS 2010 link types built into the system.

As I was migrating the work items over to a test Team Project that was based on the Microsoft Scrum V1 template I noticed that I was not getting the links between work items as expected. I double checked and all the relationships I could see looked like the standard link types. It should just work.

Being familiar (though a little forgetful) with Willy-Peter Schaub’s post on just this sort of issue I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add in the code for link mappings:

   1: <LinkTypeMapping

   2:     ...  

   3:     LeftLinkType="Scrum.ImplementedBy" 

   4:     ...

   5:     RightLinkType="Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.TFS.LinkType.WorkItemToWorkItem" 

   6: /> 

My links then began to appear. I would imagine that it was the historical links that was causing the problems. Either that or somewhere current there still sat some reference to the Scrum.ImplementedBy.

The lesson being that even if the Scrum for Team System link is only in the history it will still prevent the present links from migrating. At least I think that is the lesson. Without digging deeper and looking at the work items now and historically I can’t be certain. I’ll report back if I decide to confirm that all present links were standard and it was only the history that presented the problem.

Written by Michael Ruminer

April 5, 2012 at 1:02 am

Back to the blog

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It’s time to get back to blogging. After a long hiatus I finally feel like there is some worthwhile topics to post on. Much of the new impetus comes from joining the Imaginet ALM consulting team (formerly Notion Solutions). I’m back focusing my work, day in and day out, on the topics near and dear to my heart. My break from focusing a large part of my  efforts on consulting on software development processes and tooling had its rewards and I was able to pick up some very valuable information that I can bring to others but it’s nice to be back deep in the mix. I think that I have the most to contribute within the space that I once again serve with a strong focus.

I do have a strong focus on the Microsoft stack and that is what I typically know best. Expect to find some of the blogs new topic areas to start out centered around testing such as automated testing, Microsoft Test Manager and performance testing. But don’t expect it to stop with those narrow topics.

More to come…

Written by Michael Ruminer

February 13, 2012 at 10:18 pm

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